Inzoomen op Eindhoven

Op de RAI op 12 november (innovatie estafette 2013) wilden we laten hoe wij in Eindhoven samenwerken. Twee uitingen kwamen mooi in beeld:

Hoe we inzoomen in het ILM meetnetwerk:

En op het scherm onze werkwijze:

Schermpresentatie AiREAS

Schermpresentatie AiREAS

About Jean-Paul Close

Life forms in nature are healthy by definition. Unhealthy ones disappear to make room for a new cycle of healthy life. If human organizations, societies, governance and economies accept unhealthy pollution we destroy ourselves. A new governance appears based on awareness of core human values to sustain our species and living surroundings. It a new democracy called Sustainocracy. Old structures collaps as new, better ones grows. Sustainocracy exists through new age ventures like AiREAS, FRE2SH, COS3I and STIR learning cooperation.
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